05. Solar Panel Cleaning

We clean your house, so you don’t have to.
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It is highly recommended that you get the solar panels to get cleaned by us because we are a team of highly qualified, licensed, and experienced cleaners. According to experts, you should clean the solar panels at least once every six to twelve months. Otherwise, permanent damage is possible.
Our Solar Panels Cleaning Process
Using modern and suitable professional equipment is essential while cleaning solar panels. The entire process is much more complicated than just putting up a ladder and cleaning the windows, panels, or screen by hand. In fact, the solar panels are quite easily damaged if too much force is used, leading to damage and reduced output.
Therefore, we use a water-fed pole technique to clean the solar panels. This strategy allows the quick, efficient, and reliable cleaning of your solar panels. We ensure that pure water is being used for the cleaning to avoid any stains on the panels. Furthermore, no harmful chemicals are used that can damage the solar panel in any way.
The process involves feeding the water through the brush and using it to soften the accumulated dirt and, finally, rinsing it off. It is a very safe method of cleaning solar panels because it is safe for our professional solar panel cleaners and produces the best results by thoroughly cleaning the solar panels.
Undoubtedly, solar panels are a huge investment. You spend a lot of money to purchase the solar panels and properly install them at your residential property or workplace. However, if they are not properly maintained, your entire investment can go to waste. If you want to protect your investment and take full benefits from the solar panels, you should avail of our solar panel cleaning services.
The advantages of availing our professional solar panel cleaning services are:
The advantages of availing our professional solar panel cleaning services ar
  • Safe and clean solar panels will generate maximum output.
  • Protection from irreversible damage and ensuring the panels are working in the best conditions.
  • You will be protecting your investment and enjoy it for an extended period of time.
Our professional solar panel cleaners will use the best strategies to clean the panels up to the highest standards and avoid any sort of damage during the process