01. Exterior Window Washing

We clean your house, so you don’t have to.
woman washing window 271x204 1920w 1
Regularly washing your windows shows your protective nature and attention to detail in your property. Moreover, clean and shiny windows add appeal and prevent permanent damage due to the accumulation of dust over a long time. It also allows the sunlight to properly enter your building and provide a comfortable, warm feeling.
Stockton Window Cleaning is an excellent choice for window cleaning because it provides both residential and commercial window cleaning services. We have access to modern tools and technology to properly clean the windows and provide a fantastic finish.
Our windows cleaning process includes rubbing and scrubbing the windows to remove the accumulated grease, dust, dirt, and other contaminants. Once the window is properly scrubbed, we fully clean the glass from both the interior and exterior using professional equipment that will not damage the windows. As a result, the majority of the water and dirt will be completely removed from the windows. Finally, the edges and remaining parts of the windows are squeegeed clean to give a clean and brand-new final look.