Why Dead Trees Need to Be Removed

Dead trees are a safety hazard, and they can’t be saved. Here’s why!
Dead Trees Pose Safety HazardsDead trees pose serious threats to both property owners’ livelihoods as well as their personal wellbeing. A tree with poor health will have more insects, diseases and other problems, which can lead to safety issues around the home. 
A fallen tree may also bring a slew of unexpected bills — whether it be for medical visits due to injuries sustained during its fall, repairing damages caused by crashing into someone else’s home in your neighborhood, or paying extra car insurance premiums. The cost of removing these trees can be very expensive and disruptive so it’s best to remove them before they become an issue!
Tree removal is a necessary process for any property owner with trees that are dead or dying. If you have any dead or dying trees on your land, it is vital for the removal of those hazards before another disaster strikes that might put your life in jeopardy.
Pests & Diseases Flourish In & Around Dead or Dying TreesDead trees attract pests and diseases that can quickly multiply and spread. Pests like spiders, roaches, and even rats take shelter inside dead trees to create nests where they breed or infest your property. When these pests make a home inside a dead tree, they’ll often invade your home as well in an attempt to find food or additional shelter from the cold weather. Many of these pest are venomous, which means you’ll have serious health problems if bitten by one.
Dead trees also have the potential of infecting other plants in close proximity with mold or mildew fungal infections. If you want your yard clean and disease-free then get rid of that dead tree before its too late!
Dead Trees Decrease Curb Appeal & Property ValueIf you’re tired of looking at dead and dying trees in your yard, it may be time to consider removing them. Dead or dying trees are unattractive and can lower the value of a home while also lowering curb appeal. A less appealing property means that homes will fetch for less money if they’re sold on the market because no one wants an ugly tree blocking their living room window!
Orange County Tree Service has been in the tree business for over 30 years and we are proud of what our team can do for your property. We offer a wide variety of services to promote healthy trees, such as trimming, removal, stump grinding and more! Simply call us or visit our website to set up an estimate today.

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